adidas Kids Ace Fingersave

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adidas Kids Ace Fingersave Soccer gloves

Give yourself every advantage with these junior soccer goalkeeper gloves. Super-soft palms and maximum grip make the difference in making crucial saves. The FINGERSAVE® build stiffens fingers to maximize ball deflection, and a negative-cut design provides a snug fit.

  • Allround palm for best grip, cushioning and comfort in all weather conditions
  • FINGERSAVE® spines stiffen and resist pressure when pushed backward for more effective ball deflection
  • Full-wrap wrist strap for customized fit; Elastic bandage for perfect fit and added support
  • Negative cut for tight and snug fit
  • 63% polyester / 37% polyurethane

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By: Sharyn saylorMarch 20, 2017

What size do I order for an 8 year old girl average size

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By: StaffApril 10, 2017


Typically, you go off of her shoe size for goalkeeper gloves. That should match up to the size of her hand. Just know this item is exchangeable if it does not fit.


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