Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG

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The Nike Tiempo Legend VI Men's Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats have new technology that brings your foot closer to the ball than ever before, the are made with non-slip technologies and high-quality leather to truly dominate on the field.

  • Premium kangaroo leather upper is supported by a new internal midfoot cage to give you less slippage and unparalleled lockdown
  • Kangaroo leather equipped with All Conditions Control (ACC) technology for unmatched ball touch and control in any weather condition
  • Adaptable sole plate moves with your foot for greater stability, traction, and comfort
  • Firm-ground (FG) cleats for use on grass fields that may be slightly wet
  • TPU heel counter for a locked down fit
  • High quality molded EVA sock liner provides arch support and cushioning to enhance comfort
  • Tiempo and swoosh graphics stand out though the translucent sole plate
  • Don't miss the all-new Limited Derby Days edition available in black & university red or black & Game Royal.

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By: Chris GarveyAugust 17, 2016

Awful durability

My son wears size 15 and there very few decent cleats to choose from. Unfortunately, this is one of the few. He''s had these for two weeks, used them for about five practices and two games and already there are sections where the upper is separating from the sole plate. The one star is for decent comfort and touch, but $210 and they''re breaking down after two weeks!? C''mon, Nike, surely you can do better than that. As a family, we spend about $1,500 a year on soccer cleats alone. It seems the shoe companies are fine producing high-dollar, throw-away products as long as they look good and we keep buying them. Choose wisely and let them have it when they give us garbage. This was my first purchase from The shoes arrived quickly but I never received any order confirmation or information via email without making multiple phone calls to confirm my order.

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By: Richard PriceSeptember 20, 2016

Same story with us. Very few options at size 15, and his lasted about a month, blowing out completely from midway along lateral edge to heel

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By: AndySeptember 29, 2016

Nike will likely take them back and give you credit - or reimburse you.

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By: ChrisDecember 12, 2016

Yes, we''ve gone that route countless times with these and other models and I''ll probably be sending the ones we got in September after exchange back to Nike. They''ve completely broken apart since September and that''s only wearing them half the time - the other pair are Adidas Copa Mundials that also have to be replaced. Completely silly that we even have to go through that. They should be able to build a better product. I can''t believe it but I''m about to buy these again because of the pp poor selections out there for larger sizes. Perhaps Ill go with the Premiers since I have a Christmas budget to think about. was great handling the last replacement and I''m happy with their service after starting out a bit rocky. These guys care about their customers so don''t hesitate buying from wgs but I sure wish Nike built a better shoe for them to sell.

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By: Charles DennisDecember 17, 2016

We had the same experience BUT may... I repeat, may, have found a way to improve the durability. it seems like when they get wet, they stiffen quickly, shrink and crack. had two pairs do this do us but unfortunately I''ve got kids with picky feet and this model fits them very well. so, we have been applying Sno-Seal, the stuff in the blue can. It has seemed to solve our problem, no more rips, not pulling away from the sole. the leather is much softer and pliable. reapplying after every 3 or 4 uses... jury is still out but keeping fingers crossed.

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