Storelli Youth BodyShield GK 3-4 Shirt


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Product Details

Make Your Mark with the Storelli BodyShield GoalKeeper 3-4 Shirt.

This groundbreaking goalkeeper undershirt incorporates two technologies never before seen in soccer:

  • Impact Resistant: Maximum impact and cut protection from high performance polyurethane foam padding on all the crucial areas of the upper body: shoulders, elbows and ribs. The chest pad shields against trapping hard shots while reducing rebounds.
  • Lightweight: Made from a breathable, moisture wicking compression material that keeps you cool when you heat up. Incorporates foam that morphs to your body to provide a feel so lightweight you will forget its even on.
  • Sleek Design: Being a goalie, you are the last line of defense for the team. You need to lift up your teammates and demoralize your opponents. Wearing this black 3-4 Shirt GK shirt, you will have the confidence to stop any shot.

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