adidas Predator micoach LZ TRX FG

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The latest generation of the adidas Predator line has taken and dominated the field.

The adidas Predator LZ (lethal zones) TRX FG at only 7.9 ounces, is what players have come to expect from adidas Soccer Shoes, with technologies that are ahead of the competition. Also miCoach compatible - pop in your speed cell to track your performance and train smarter, tracking average & top speed, sprints and distance.

Predator LZ upper features five zones for precision passing, receiving, first touch, striking area and dribble pads. You'll experience ball control like never before. Plus the materials of the hybrid L-S upper combine the best features of leather and synthetic. With a nubuck-touch heel lining, you'll see improved shock absorption. Pre-molded EVA sock-liners offer additional slip resistance. A newly configured TRAXION 2.0 stud configuration maximizes the speed of your first step, giving you instant acceleration.

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By: DeniseApril 27, 2013

Not the usual Predator

There is such a large shift from the Adipower to the LZ. The Adipower was the stepping stone to change from a shooting boot to a control boot. The Adipower lost weight and the shooting element became less excentric, which led to the Predator LZ. The LZ is lightweight and has alot more elements geared to control. The rubber lethal zones add alot of grip and the HybridTouch upper is very soft right out of the box. All in all these shoes preform really well but you just have to get used to the Lethal Zones

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By: Jo AnnJune 08, 2012


I just got these shoes yesterday and they are great! The upper is very flexible and provides for great touch. They are super comfortable and fit very well. These boots are a little complicated at first though so dont expect to get them and have each zone mastered immediatlly, these boots take a while to get use to. I have always liked adidas but these boots are the best!

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By: hectorFebruary 06, 2013

Are they original? Or wooks.

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By: CesarApril 14, 2013

I was wondering if there was anyway to get a 12.5 US from here in the black/black/green zest? I've looked everywhere but have not been able to find them.

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By: luke April 24, 2013

Cesar, We did have those this past season but it was a hot seller and we no longer have any in stock. We do have a couple of other color styles still available in the Predator line. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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By: taylorSeptember 20, 2012

do you deliver to canada?? montreal to be accurate, and are you getting more size nine of the adidas predator lz trx fg Pink Black and White? also if i am size nine in nike mecurial cleats what am i in adidas predator lz trx fg?

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By: IanJanuary 07, 2013


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By: WeGotSoccer StaffMay 07, 2015

If your a size 9 in the Nike Mercurial you would most likely be a size 9.5 since the Mercurial runs very long and narrow.

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By: ManishJanuary 17, 2013

Need size 8 :(

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By: TorinJune 27, 2012

Will you re-stock the size 10 in the blue/infared colourway? I am coming in tomorrow to buy some, but seeing that there is no more size 10 in this color, I am very displeased that you have run out of stock already. I guess I'll have to check in with you guys tomorrow. Bye

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By: June 27, 2012

Yes, we are sold out in size 10 at the moment. We are checking with adidas when we can fill in that size. As always, feel free to call our store anytime to double check our inventory status.

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By: DuncanNovember 07, 2012

let me know when you get a size 7.5 in the infared/black colorway.

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