10% OFF

10% off of all regular and clearance price merchandise. 10% off your favorite jersey, uniform, or those cleats you have been dreaming of.


5% rewards cash into your WeGotSoccer account! You can spend it on whatever you want, whenever you want!


On top of the savings, you will get access to special events held just for you, and product promotions that will light up the stands!


“The 5% cash back accumulates so fast,  I ended up getting free cleats for my son.”

“10% off my EZ-Kit was a huge savings, and I was able to use the 5% back to buy fanwear to support my daughter.”

Q: The reward card - do I get 10% off other stuff I buy at the same time I buy the reward card? Is it 10% off everything even uniforms?

A: Yes if you put the rewards card in your cart, you will see the 10% discount on other items in your cart. However, if you remove the card, the discount will also be removed.

Q: How do I redeem my rewards?

A: You can redeem your rewards by logging into your account and visiting your account dashboard (upper right hand of the site). In your account dashboard click rewards overview in the upper left of your account and you will see your balance and be able to redeem your rewards.

Q: I Already have a rewards card and number, how do I add it to my account online?

A: If your rewards card number it not linked to your online account, give us a call at 1-800-974-GOAL and our Customer Service team will be able to assist you and link the accounts.